I came across a store called Autographs Authentication Store (autographsauthenticationstore.com). They seem to have a very large selection of autographs of all kinds, including Beatles autographs. Does anyone know if this is a legit dealer?

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Every single autograph I saw were fake, run far away from this scammer!

Thanks! That's what I thought. They just seemed to have way too much stock for it to be real.

Yes, you should definitely avoid that site. They have a long history of selling forgeries.

Where would you all recommend going for legit Beatles autographs? I'm not looking for a full set. I'd love to have a George Harrison autograph -- even just on a piece of paper. Doesn't have to be anything fancy.

There are a few specialist dealers online but I would not buy anything on reputation alone with no personal input. That's just me and how I do things - nothing against anyone else or how they do things. I would suggest getting acquainted with the signature and what it normally brings in the various forms (a cut as you described, a signed photo etc). and sit back and learn a bit before making a choice. Then I would suggest starting a "Wanted" ad here in our Buy Sell & Trade forum asking people to show you what they have to offer and what they are asking. This will allow you some choice and everything sold here has to be authenticated or pass group consensus etc.

Now the big question...how willing is this dealer to refund money when I call him out on fake autographs? My well-meaning girlfriend bought an item from them for my birthday...purchased it more than 30 days before giving it to me, so that window has closed. I have several solid reasons to believe the item is a total fake and can cite those in my email to the company as well as threaten to get the Attorney General involved, but does anyone know if this will get my girlfriend’s money refunded to her?

Which window? How did she pay? Credit Card I hope? What was the item (I am sure it is no good but I am curious)?

This window:

“You have up to 30 days from reception of your order to request a return of your order. Please email us, and discuss returning your order, and the reason for said return. If we agree upon the return, we will email you a post return label you can attach to the package to pay for the return. After 30 days, we do not take any returns, or exchanges.”

She ordered the item on Sept 9, gave it to me yesterday. Paid with credit card, but after this much time, I’m sure her opportunity to reverse the charges are done.

It’s a copy of Judas Priest’s “Screaming for Vengeance” album signed by all 5 band members who played on the album. Here’s how I’m sure it’s a fake:

This particular edition of the album is not an original edition. It’s a 180g reissue that was released on Dec 1, 2017. 

The drummer, who left the band in 1989, died on January 16, 2018 in a hospital in Spain. He’d been living in self-imposed seclusion there for many years and had just been diagnosed with stomach cancer 40 days prior. He’d had no interaction with the band in the years since he’d left, basically left on bad terms, and I seriously doubt that between Dec 1 and Jan 16, he would’ve been shipped a stack of this and other albums (all readily available on the website, including at least one he didn’t play on) and been ready, willing, and able to sign them when he clearly had other things going on in his very-soon-to-end life. 

The album would’ve then had to be shipped back to England, where the bass player apparently signed it with either the exact same black ink pen, or one just like it.

Once it was also signed in blue ink by the lead singer and one of the guitarists (who is suffering from Parkinson’s but still has an autograph that looks pretty good), it was then shipped 2 hours away to their other FORMER guitarist, also estranged from the band for several years, who clearly signed it with that same blue pen, or one just like it.

Judas Priest released their next album, “Firepower”, in March of 2018. A premium package available through their website included an autographed copy of the album...by the lead singer only. So from December - March, you could get copies of newly-remastered old albums signed by all of the band members, but to get a signed copy of their new album they were working hard to promote, you could only get the lead singer’s??

And finally...the signatures really don’t look like others I’ve seen online.

So...I’m preparing to write them a letter demanding a full refund (not less the shipping fee and 20% restocking fee) or I will get the Attorney Generals of both Minnesota and Nevada involved.


Credit cards give 6 months, no? Ask advice here before acting. What the seller says doesn't matter IMO.

I would see what your actual and true rights are. That "window" is likely an illusion - more like a hoop to jump through. Persistence goes far. Seek counsel from the folks here for sure before sending any letters.

I didn’t realize you could dispute a credit card charge after the billing cycle had closed. That will be a definite viable option then. Of course, that assumes the credit card company will actually do it based on what we’re saying.

Yes. Look into your cards fraud protection policies. And ask here. :-)


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