I bought a DiMaggio ball and after receiving it with only a Field of Dreams sticker with a number and no actual COA I began to investigate. Field of Dreams does not confirm this autograph is authentic or not. Problem one.

I then came across this and noticed not only is it FOD COA, but looks exactly like the handwriting on the ball I have.


Seller refuses to return it given the newly found evidence that his post was not correct about the COA or Field of Dreams backing, and not being able to prove outside of that if it was real or not. Here are the photos:

Real or not Real?

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By now, you must have figured out is is an easy to spot forgery. FAKE, PERIOD

Learned a lot on here recently. Hard to see but the pen gets lighter at the top left of the J curve and the left tail of the D, a little shake mark at the start and a stop mark at the top. What else gives it away or just the cleanliness?

the "gg" are always a giveaway

Ya, seemed pretty off from what I could find pictures of online . Seems like it should be more tear dropped with a lighter pen marking leading up to the 2nd sloppier g.

if you continue to study authentic versions (PSA and JSA usually have these correct), you will begin to be able to spot these forgeries easily.

Thus one must be areal one then?


It's all about pen-speed.

Typical Joe D. forgery.




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