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Is this Honus Wagner signed baseball an authentic signature?


I recently purchased a signed baseball that I believe may be Honus Wagner.  It looks very similar to examples I've seen online.  However, I would very much appreciate a few opinions!

Besides the possible Wagner signature, the ball is signed by a few others as well.  Unfortunately, most of them have faded to the point where they are barely legible (with an exception).  The exception is I believe Al Javery, whom played for Boston from 1940-1946.  Below his signature is possibly Red Barrett (I can make out his first name 'Red'), whom played for Boston from 1943-1945.  Thus, my conclusion is that this baseball could possibly be from a Boston/Pittsburgh game circa 1943-1945.  Here are a few photos of the Javery/Barrett, the signatures I could not discern, the ball logo, etc. 

So, what do you guys think?  Could it possibly be legit??  Also, would it be advised for me to get it professionally authenticated (especially if I were to sell)?  Finally, what would you consider the condition of the signature?  I read that poor examples are worth less, etc. 

Kindest regards and appreciate the help!

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I don't think the Wagner is real, sorry. Does not have his characteristics. These are 2 Honus Wagner signed balls in PSA/DNA's Autograph Facts database. Here's a link to all their Honus Wagner exemplars:


Looks very different from known examples.

Thank you both for your reply! 

Not the news I was wanting to hear, obviously.  However, I appreciate you both providing your opinion on the signature.  Good to know the truth, one way or the other.  Thankfully, only have a couple bucks invested as the ball was found at a thrift store.

I will say that when I was doing research prior to making this thread, I read that Wagner's signature differed throughout his life (More elaborate when he was younger, more basic as he aged.  Sometimes had the 'J' in front, sometimes did not, etc).  To my untrained eye, I found a few examples I thought were really close (especially the first name).  The major difference being the 'E' in his last name....which unfortunately is slightly faded on my example.  Here's one that sold on Heritage Auctions back in 2016:

Mine again for comparison:

Anyway, thank you both again for your assistance.  At the very least, saved me $150 having it sent to PSA!




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