Thanks in advance!   Is this good?

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I like it!

I'm voting NO on this one.

Wowza.    I thought for Sure it was good

I’m not the authority on Mickey Mantle. Let’s see what others say.

Where is Terrior, Fudd, and Chris Williams :/

This is a tough one.  There are parts that I like and others that I don’t.  I’m leaning towards no.

I completely agree, Steve. I'll tell you what I like about it.The beautiful "M" in Mickey. The forgers never get that right. The "a n t l e" in Mantle looks spot on.  What I don't like about it, is where they stop with the "c" in Mickey and then continue with the "k". it's not his classic "k"  with the little circle through the middle. It could go either way. Great stuff, as usual. But I'm leaning towards, it's fine!

I completely agree with you, the ck connection is the first red flag, but who knows.

Well it sold...,,congrats to who picked it up.    Pretty sure it was real.   I should have just fired but with all the forgeries out there I second guessed myself.   Oh and learn.    Congrats again to whoever got it.    Great price indeed

Bumping this because I am still interested  in what terrior~fudd~and Chris Williams opinion is

If it's a forgery, it's damn good! If I was looking for a Mantle, I'd buy it! Attended two Mantle signings -- a drink in one hand, a pen in the other, but still producing beautiful signatures!

The sizing of the "ickey" to me is weird. It doesnt finish well with the loopey L and bad E. Unless Im overanalyzing,  Im dying to read what Chris says


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