Hello everyone,

I am hoping someone out their might be able to give me an opinion on this item i recently purchased from ebay. I am a big fan of Radiohead, but their signatures have changed since the early years, and so I dont trust my judgement 100 percent when looking for authentic items. I took a chance on this item though. The ebay seller looked good at the time, the story seemed to check out, and the signatures looked good and end the style of the band, especially the way Thom signed his name. Its always messy, but it would seem unusual that a forger would think to write his name on the CD itself in such a creative way, but who knows. Their was quite a bit of bidding on this item too. PSA quick opinion couldnt render an opinion, so i took the chance. I had a good feeling about the item and still kinda do, but then i looked at the radiohead items up now on ebay, and here the same seller is again. Offering another Radiohead item, but thats not what concerned me, it was when i looked at his other items for sale, and for the names he has and the starting prices, i believe them to be forgeries. Does that mean mine is one too, i dont know, i hope not. The sigs do look good, and the item is signed in such a way to where if someone was forging it, i would think they would have gone for an easier forge rather than make some of the signatures so distinct and creative, such as Thom and Colin. i would also imagine they wouldve signed Johnny's sig the way he signs it now and not his full signature as the full signature would seem to be harder to do. But i just cant tell.

I hope some of the educated collectors out their can give me their opinions on this item as i know alot of people like radiohead and know alot about them.

Here is the link, i dont have the item yet, i will post a scan once i do. If the link doesnt work please let me know and ill try another route to get an image.

Thanks for looking



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One other thing i forgot to mention. When this item was listed, the seller didnt have any other musical items up for sale as i recall, it was only this one. So maybe he liked the success of the radiohead item and decided to put some fake items up for sale. The only thing i know for sure is that the U2 and Metallica signed CDs up for sale from him are fake. 

This Pablo Honey gives me a stomache ache. Thom's swirly oddball signatures are well documented over the web. That said, it wouldn't be difficult to think of a creative way to write it in a 'Thom-like' fashion. - the signature on Anyone Can Play Guitar is true to what his signature looked like around that time period.

The Selway looks the closest to what his signature actually looks like, though it doesn't have a right side upwards loop on the 'p' like usual. The Ed, Colin and Jonny look written at the same angle and pressure.

thanks for the opinion




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