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Need help asap. Is this real sticker and psa certificate? It's old rectangular

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i have no knowledge of sports autographs from the usa - you are right about the autograph but psa would recognize when it's way off even with a quick opinion.

I did a research on what of them sold items and this particular kobe jersey autograph was deactivated in psa. Not sure the reason. But it looks legit

Agree, signature is right but there seems to be a lot of PSA items being deactivated right now. Not sure if it's just B references or others but my guess is that they authenticated some items and the cards and stickers have been forged and re-used several times.

This is one of Kobe's sit down signatures and is real. The autograph looks a little faded although it could be the photo itself

Thanks I appreciate the help! Yes it looks like it's the photo taken is blur on the corners. Hopefully when I receive it it's not that faded. I guess with this old certificate I don't need to get loa?

I'm trying to get another jersey this one looks legit too

The signature is authentic if it's hand signed. I know it sounds weird but the signature looks almost laser printed and very fresh

Yes he dint have the certificate . I guess he said his waiting for replacement. What do you thing this value is?

The market has dropped after the surge following his tragic death so I've seen replica signed jerseys go from $600 to $2,000. What is he asking?

I think that's how much he wants for. He is waiting for his certificate in psa

Here is a ticket that Someone posted. It seems a lot said this one is fake. I'm not sure why maybe the O and R ?

Has the authentication fee for Kobe ever been less than $50?



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