Hi i just want to ask what do yo think about this autogarph : It is true ? Please look at also : http://www.ebay.com/itm/Kurt-Cobain-Hand-Signed-Autographed-Photo-1...

Thanks ;)

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He says he bought it directly from the person who obtained it yet has a generic COA from some nobody that says the item was inspected by experts who rendered it authentic? HMMMM....smells like a big fat lie to me.

if real that is worth a helluva lot more than $525.   I doubt its good.  I would love to own a Kurt.  But there is just noway of knowing.  Such a simple autograph.  I would always question the authenticity of a Cobain....unless I knew for sure....i.e. a rock solid history of it.

every single example jseah has posted only had KURT and some little doodle or whatever i dunno doubt this is legit.

99percent a fake forget the coa the image is from unplugged so it would have to have been signed in the last few months of his life I doubt the image was even avalible prior to his death

Definetly bad in my opinion

thank you guys for your opinion, always i wanted kurt cobain autograph and yesterday i saw that one … for good price but something smells in it bad so i just wanted to ask proffesionals collectors :)

Yes, something smells. And it's not Teen Spirit! This item is not genuine. (But we know that already.)


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