I'm a total newbie to this forum. I'm coming to you experts to ask  what the value might be of a signed & personalized menu by Jack Dempsey. My Mom just recently passed away, and she kept the menu he autographed for her when she & Dad were eating at his restaurant on their honeymoon in 1941. Also what would be my best method of selling this item for the estate? She also had "Tony Martin" on an envelope scrap, and someone else's I have no clue about. Looks like Noe(with two dots over the e)tirvand?!?!?!?!  I'd appreciate any suggestion or direction.

Thanks! Betty

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Wow! That's a whole lot lower than I had anticipated Travis.  I had gone to some site a while back that had the same sort of Dempsey collectible with the price range in the 500-1200.00 range. Oh well. Obviously you are way more familiar than I. Let me see if I can attach a photo.....Ha! I did it! So,  he was an "autograph whore"?!! I find the actual menu contents a lot more cool than the autograph, but then I'm not a boxing fan.  Is a personal letter from Joe Theisman when he was Notre Dam's Quarterback to a friend worth anything? It is in the envelope with a Bear Bryant stamp on it. Thanks for the help! Betty

Gallery of History is one of the higher priced retailers, who frame up their material quite elaborately. It's not unusual for them to be much higher than you could get yourself.

I checked RRAuction.com and their prices check out with Travis's. Their minimum bid is $100 on autographs and they've have a lot of Dempseys at that price to $150. These were mostly signed photos.

Thank you Steve! I'll have to keep that RRAuction site for reference. I'll probably go the ebay route in the next couple days. B
Betty Travis is in my opinion an expert when it comes to boxing items, he knows his stuff! And sadly a menu isnt as desirable as a vintage signed boxing photo to boxing collectors but it is a nice item!
Thank you Louie, I appreciate your input. Guess I'll end up putting it on E Bay after all. You know anything about what the Theismann letter with his signature & jersey number on it might be worth? B.E.
Betty it would or should appeal to Notre Dame people I would put it on ebay, I did a quick search and could not find anything sold like it but he isnt a big name in my opinion.
Travis makes good points, I didnt mean to sound that the letter was worthless I am sure it has value, more so to the redskin and notre dame fans. Me I am a colts fan so joe doesnt mean much to me.
That's okay Louie....I won't "hold it against you"! It might be worth more if the Skins were actually back in the picture (haha!). Back in the Gibbs days they were awesome!

TRAVIS!!! You Rock! And you certainly do know your stuff. Thank you so much for all the interesting facts and info. The Theismann letter he wrote to a classmate is pre Heisman Trophy (the year before I guess).  Where should I "go" to research or sell that?

Thanks again,




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