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It figures these would show up and sell out in the only two hours of the day that I leave lol. , I've been watching his site for these so hopefully, he will put some on there eventually. 

on second thought I just saw the pic of them and it's just more lazy initials so I'm glad I missed them now.

Man that sucks I just saw his real auto and it seemed pretty intricate guess he had to get outta there 

Missed out as well. Hes doing fuller signatures if you click autograph on page it takes you to Instagram where he's signing them

that's strange because that pic was from the website that was selling them, seems like they would have put up a better example. maybe those better signature ones are the ones he's getting ready to post on his website and we'll get lucky lol.

His doing in store signings in the following cities Louisville, New York, Atlanta and LA

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Page has been updated to say 'Restock Coming'- would be good to look out for...

It looks like they did restock and bumped the price up to $40. They are here if anyone missed it before: 

Went to check out and after charging 5.98 for shipping and $3.50 for a handling fee. The CD comes to almost $50 so hard pass from me. Such a rip off 

I agree. $19.99 plus S/H was alright but they are getting greedy on the re-stock

I thought about it since I missed the first ones but I checked eBay and you can get them for around $30 on there, but even that is too much for just initials in my opinion. same as Megan with her $30 MTS



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