Hello may are may not know the story behind this ball but if it goes...this was my uncles ball from about 35 years ago...give or take...he had given it to me but its so badly faded...I took some darker photos with my camera to see the auto better even though the autos is about a 1 or 2 in reality...any opinions are appreciated...I have seen authentic Robinson's before but not enough to know if its good or not since I only mostly seen images of them...I like the "R" formation on this piece...but I really don't know...I am more then likely going to get it looked at professionally but any Dodger fans or Robinson historians please feel free to comment on this...I hope its good...but I have been sadly surprised before...any and all images and thoughts are appreciated....



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The Robinson looks pretty close to this...let me know guys

Any opinions on this will be much appreciated....thanks guys

the "a" is higher than the c which is always a good sign, and the n ends prematurely instead of coming completely downward, the o in between s and n is also lower which is apparent in most genuine pieces.  Looks good to me CG. 

Thanks for your break down Mike....those were some really cool tips you added....I really appreciate your input on it !...thank you so much...if you know anyone else that can add there 2 cents on this it would he much appreciated

CEE, I had my doubts about this when you first sent me the photos, but I did more research, and one of the things that bothered me was the transition from the "n" to the "s", where the "n" does not come down to the baseline, and it almost looks like a "jump s". Most of his signatures appear to have a consistent baseline. but I did find one that really looks almost identical to yours. What do you think?

Any time CG.  I'll send the pic to a couple of friends and see what they have to say

What ended up being the final verdict on this, CEE GEE?



Not sure yet...I am still trying to bounce back from the xmas spending to get this looked at...but I will soon enough

I'm in the same situation with the Mantle "signed" golf ball I have. It is even more expensive to send an item to PSA/DNA or JSA from Canada (extra shipping, insurance, and taxes) and the advice you, Terrier, and the Gang have given me on the ball lead me to think it is not even worth sending it in (aka it goes to the G file).



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