anyone familiar with James Brown signatures and handwriting. I got this offered and would like to know if it is real

it reads

"To My Together Young Brother. Reggie your head sho-nuff is together (sp and straight. Your ReaI brother James.

Reggie was suppose to be a Radio DJ WVKO, COLUMBUS, OHIO

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Kinda neat for James if you ask me.  His inscriptions are usually barely legible.

I hear what you say Steve. Could it be due that he to have had a closer relationship to the one he signed it for that he wanted to look nicer as such a graph with "sex machine" to a random fan. Like if you write to family birthdaycards they look probably nicer then a a note to your co employee

Yes that could be.  I got sloppiness from him a few times lol.

Here is a better picture


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