James Stewart Autographs: Which are Genuine, Autopens or Forgeries?

Isn't this an Autopen signature?


Ebay auction
















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Hi, guys.  I carefully read through all 20 pages of the discussion, but I still can't make up my mind about these two. Do you have any thoughts?



I know AW has quite a good reputation, but it seems to me that "S" and last "t" are a bit off in both pictures in different ways.

Would appreciate some help

Both appear likely authentic in my opinion, but the first one is clearly rushed or maybe an in-person standing signature. With so many nicer examples available, it's one I would avoid unless the pose is one you really want.

I actually like the color one, but the 'S' in it bothers me, as well as lower part of 'J' and strangely strong line in 't' 

I have to say the first one does not look good to me, but I am but a mear novice when it comes to Mr. Stewart. The second one is close. Look at some of my Stewart's in my pictures.

Well, AW says they were both signed in person, that would explain the messiness of the first one. They do not provide any details though

I can't really give an opinion on the first one. It does, and some letters especially, do have, a certain feel which is close to other James Stewart signatures, but I couldn't say. The second one does look authentic in my opinion.

Picked this up on ebay recently. Looks solid to me, but I am open to thoughts from others. :-)

What movie is this from?

Looks good to me, but I haven't got a certificate that says I'm an expert. :-)
I believe the movie is "The Far Country."

The Far Country is right. One of the Mann Westerns. Not a classic, but a pretty good film. James Stewart plays a very indifferent, stubborn guy in that one. As for the autograph, the "James" looks pretty good, I think. And the t's in Stewart. But I don't know. Some autographs shout authentic, this one doesn't shout, to me at least.

Can anyone tell me if these are real?
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Here are two gorgeous dual-signed James Stewart/June Allyson photos that were on eBay recently. Each sold for under 50 bucks! I would have picked them up in a heartbeat, except I'm worried my daughter will become an orphan after my wife kills me if I buy any more autographs. I can still admire them from afar.


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