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Signed vinyl already sold out !  They have just added a very nice limited signed print (297 x 420 mm) and the signed CD is also still available.

Here's the link to the shop:*/*/I-Shouldn-t-Be-Telling-You-This-exclusive-SIGNED-print/69BX0000000

Comment of 5816nick:

much disappointment my Jeff Goldblum Signed LP Just arrived - Except its NOT Signed it has a shitty little 5" Signed Card Inside it!

Blatant Mis Advertising! a Signed LP should be Just that!!!!!!!!!!!!! So Decca can have it back! If i wanted a signed CD sized card i would have ordered a CD wounldn't I! 

I have  e mailed Deccas Online  Shop, started a Paypal Claimback and ordered a Signed Print! 

Is that the one with the orchestra that was offered back in July?  "Album II"  ?   I just got an email from them saying it was shipped. 

Yes it is the -  I Shouldn't Be Telling You This LP....  I'll let you know what they say. 

Very disappointing.  I'm going to refuse shipment if that's the case.  I just emailed them to find out if this was indeed the case regarding my order. 

I just received my signed poster as the CD and vinyl options were sold out by the time I ordered. Unfortunately my poster arrived “fulfilled from the UK” and was bent in half. Attached is a picture of the autograph. I can’t believe they shipped it in a flimsy cardboard with no backing or anything. Reaching out to Decca 

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Waste of time reaching out to decca - after my Signed LPs came Unsigned but with small CD sized card signed inserts, They replied once and haven't since, so am currently doing a long winded paypal claimback - waiting another week my money back - still had to return them at my own cost!

My signed print came in the same terrible flimsy packaging - luckily wasn't damaged -Decca Shop are a Joke!

That’s ridiculous and horrible! I was angry that it came from overseas and was damaged. I couldn’t believe the condition it arrived as I hadn’t (up until that point) ever received something damageD from overseas ever. Deeply disappointing Decca would ship stuff that way

Replacement Follow Up:

I just received my replacement Customer Service would send me and it’s in way worse condition than the one I initially received! DECCA is a joke! The package was once again kicked and bent like Ace Ventura delivered it with creases everywhere on the poster. The autograph is fine, but I still can’t believe how poorly they sent this out. I strongly suggest NEVER ordering from Decca at all. 

Attachments: No photo uploads here

That's a real bummer

I figured I might as well share my misery to warn others about Decca 



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