has anybody got information about what bookstores jerry is attending to sign his new book ? I say sign as I have seen at the barnes &noble store in new York while he will be in attendance the books will be pre signed and only the auther will be signing !! does that set any alarm bells off 

at this moment this is the only signing he will be attending  does anyone know of any others  as would really like to add him to my book collection and being based in uk I have to get in touch with the stores in usa !!


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Yeah.  Contacted Judith to make sure he was still signing for a fee before I sent it in.  Took about a month.  Wish he had signed it in a larger area though.

same price as last time Steve?


correct, a C note

Do you think it's entirely in the hand of JLL?

I was wondering the same thing

Here's a link to a recent discussion I started regarding JLL signatures from RACC trusted sellers:


I cant ever be sure of the inscription. Personally I would have no idea about that.

One thing about Jerry Lee...he is one tough buzzard:


I hope the stroke is as minor as they claim it is.

ive seen hospital pics u can google them hes in gad shape

hes never playing again I think its his will to out live cher and kieth Richards is the only reason hes still alive

I would say to let time tell. I think the stroke likely is more than a minor, but the hospital pix I have seen, seem fine. He didn't look that great before, and most of the "private" pix of him for past few years he hasn't looked that great anyway if not ready to do a concert/show.

The hospital and rehab pix i have seen of him look just fine compared to how he looked before. Looks like he is doing okay, but time will tell if he is able to perform or not. He spent 3 months in a rehab but went home in June. There was a postponed gig, but was cancelled saying he is not yet ready to perform.

It is just a matter of how it affected fine motor skills for playing piano or voice for singing.

Beckett has authenticated one of the book signatures (cert #C42847).



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