What do we think folks? Hopefully I am posting this on the correct discussion. Apologies if I have not

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Not for me.

Do you have a sharper photo, front and back? It's signed by cartridge pen so getting a good look at the paper especially makes a difference. I think it's more likely real than not but we need better pics.

Hi Steve. Unfortunately I am at the mercy of screenshots that are of inferior quality. Hopefully the attached are slightly better offerings for quality.

That actually helped, thanks. I think It’s not real. 

No worries. Thanks for your opinion.

I don't like. Even if it was genuine, it is really ugly O.o


Looks a little like the junk on Radziwell without the purple ink & caligraphy nib...

I don’t see a problem with the signature. The way that the ‘Jimi’ portion is dotted is a bit odd.

It looked fine to me until Hyacinth posted the closeups. 

Actually the further out shots.

Are you thinking that it isn’t live ink?



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