Has anyone received their book , or received shipping confirmation?

Genesis claimed late February or early March.

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Are you guys trying to get a partial or full refund AND still get the book, or just cancelling your order all together? 

I want to totally cancel the order.

i already own to many of these Genesis books.Really don’t need more.

Cancel for refund , waited long enough, I am done with them 

they had my money since July 

I understand. I just emailed them as well and vented my frustrations and requested a partial refund or equivalent to their 100GBP discount on another purchase, as I explained I won’t be making any follow up purchase with them after this experience. 

i have to admit I’m a huge JP fan, so I don’t want to cancel my order, but feel like they should at least be able to work with put out customers at this point. 

Any luck calling them?

they have not responded to my email, they have till tomorrow, then I call my cc company for a charge back 

did they really think people would just let this go?

I called them this morning and asked for a full refund on 2 of the books I had on order.they didn’t give me a hard time at all.ask for Rose.

I just received a email from her and wanted to confirm cancel order ,

of course I did, I bet these books don’t arrive for a long time

they should of arrived in December 

Good for u!! The more I think of it,this might have been a blessing.these books really aren’t that desirable anymore.

i literally own at least 15 of them all collecting dust in their boxes in the back of my closet. 

I received my refund today , I will say they were very professional and accommodating to me 

Me too!!! Guess it wasn’t meant to be!

I just called the contact number and all I got was a leave msg if you want to purchase the JP book.  NOT

Anybody have a good number or email to contact them to cancel and get a refund?


use  this email



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