Found this Walsh autographed album for a decent price. Any thoughts on the signature? I don't have much experience here, so I'm in need of some help. Thanks!

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I would avoid this one
Thank you again, A.B. How do you feel about this one?
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I'd say this is most likely genuine.
I think there are nicer items out there, though.

I'm a huge Walsh fan, and I've gotten him on countless albums and CDs. At least 25 (sorry, none are for sale).

I don't like the "But Seriously Folks" album much (the signature or the songs on the album). I like "Got Any Gum" a bit more, since he often wrote "how ya doin" on records he signed (and he says this in person when you approach him as well).

The problem with Walsh signatures is this. It's a VERY EASY autograph to forge. So, the first picture yuo showed...I'm not thrilled with how it looks. But...I wouldn't be surprised if it were real, either.

First pic, don't like. Cant see second one well. Save up a bit more money and get a nice no brainer!

Here's mine for reference.

Analog man cool
Real or fake it could go either way on the but seriously folks. It is extremely sloppy so even if it was real it wouldn't be ideal. If it was real though it would definitely be an IP graph. I'm sure jsa would cert it though as they have been stickering everything lately. If you want my two cents I would go for a check they are vintage,cheap,and they have the nicest signatures.



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