Is this fake or real, owners Uncle met John and Yoko at a book signing at Selfridges in  London 1971.
George Harrington tipped of friend that they were going to be there, is it real?

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Thanks Jim

The sellers Uncle knew the Beatles Roadie George Harrington and it was supposedly George that tip off her Uncle to be at Selfridges on the day, John and the other Beatles had a close friendship

with George, so who’s to say John wouldn’t have made it a bit more special for his friend? That said I do value all your opinions.

thank you

I really don't mean any offense but you seem really hung up.on the backstory.

I'm not even sure I'd call it provenance since there is no documentation of any kind to go with it.

I count it as "three degrees of separation" and 51 years between this item and the event.  A lot could have happened in that space, from bad recollection, to a little innocent fabrication, etc. 

The bottom line is, the item must ultimately stand on its own.

Absolutely Jim

I have a lot to learn and that is precisely why I joined this group.

Much respect to you.



I love your attitude.

Look for autographs with documented provenance: the history of a piece based on its record of ownership over the years, and sales by an owner or their estate. 

Thanks for you advice Steve.



Here's another thing about backstories. I'll give you two examples. I was at a Paul McCartney thing. We all got turned down. But somebody inside the venue got the signature. We all waited outside, and got turned down again by Sir Paul. While walking back to my car, guess what I saw? That guy that got A REAL signature of Paul, inside the venue, forging his signature on other items. So, guess what? He has an air tight story, and maybe even a photo of him and Paul at that time. Yet he was creating forged items, and each person that bought the item, can get a copy of that photo of seller with Paul, and copy of ticket from that small event. See how that can work?

Another one. My friends mom (or grandmother, I forget), cut hair. She had a few famous clients. One was Elvis. Someone called asking if they could come up and buy "Elvis' hair." She said, "Sure." He gave her $250 for the bag of hair she scooped off the floor. He called back two days later, asking if she had more of it. She thought....uh...what do you think, I just kept his hair?? You bought it all. But, she figured...what the hell. So she LIED and said, "Yes, you didn't get it all last time, and there's more." And she made another $250. The guy called a month later, asking if the King had been back. She said, "Uh, yes. Yes he was." She spied some black hair on the ground, scooped it up and...did this with the guy for a long time. made lots of money. Guess what? I now see strands of Elvis hair selling sometimes, and I always wonder -- is it that fake hair. And who knows. Maybe he got her to sign something stating that she worked as a hair stylist, or a business card, or whatever. But, that doesn't mean something bogus can derive from that. When it comes to making money, people can come up with VERY convincing stories, ie stories that when trying to look into, seem credible, as the dates/times match up with a certain event. Yet it proves nothing. Just that the forger did some homework.

That’s really interesting Josh, it’s amazing what people will do to make a fast buck.

I guess the hair can be proven by checking the DNA?

I can’t understand why the likes of Paul Mc and Ringo refuse autographs, they should at least respect fans after all they pay their wages.

Interesting stories tho thanks for sharing.



If you mean the young redhead that held up the lyrics on the Apple Rooftop, his name is Kevin Harrington, not George.  He's still around and responds.  Still not real IMO.

Ha ha

That was my mistake, it was Kevin and she did say Kevin.

The thing is that I do believe her story that her Uncle left her the framed autograph and that he knew KEVIN Harrington, but she went on to say that he had died 10 years ago aged 61 and I check out what his age and it would have been around the same as KEVIN’s.
However, like Jim said it was 51 years ago and her Uncle’s storey about knowing Kevin Harrington may have been true but not how he got the autograph. 
I have since disclosed to the seller that I now consider the signature fake based on what you guys have said and has offered me a full refund,

I’ve attached two photos one of how the seller displayed the autograph and the other of Kevin at the roof top gig.

Thanks for all your help.


Attachments: No photo uploads here

Here is a signed "Grapefruit" from that day in 1971...


Oh yes, it does look very different.



The signature tells the story, Nothing else needs to be said, regardless of what the story presents.



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