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I'm with you! I want a booklet. I collect signed booklets. This is bait and switch. Signed booklets are way more desired by collectors. Its amazing how there are people on here that will fight you over this. We all need to email newburycomics about this. I do not want it happening again. I most likely would have still bought this one but there are many many artists I pass on when I see it includes a signed postcard or art card instead of a booklet

I agreed it would be a disappointment to some people. I wasn't being sarcastic, the first part was just a joke. (Although I would like all those things lol). I was basically saying I can understand why people would be disappointed by this and it's not what was advertised... but me, myself, I am happy to get a dirt cheap autograph so I let it slide... maybe we shouldn't do that and should complain... but then maybe Newbury would stop doing autographs... so it could backfire. 

Although after receiving mine and seeing how cheesy his new autograph is, and probably even more annoying to me... They made the signed card smaller than the CD booklet... I'm a bit more disappointed with it than I would have been if it was the same size as a CD cover.

I like to frame my signed CDs, since I don't listen to CDs anymore... and this doesn't fit in the pre-made CD frames that craft stores sell. I wish they at least made them the same size so they fit in the frames. Not worth paying to get something like this custom framed, plus it wouldn't match the rest of my framed CD collection. 

But still overall happy to get one of the best living guitar players autograph for this cheap. Didn't mean to sound like I was being sarcastic. 

You said it "cheap"!

Wow you weren't kidding about the size. These cards are tiny. And he couldn't be bothered to sign on the blank area on the right. He signed both of mine right over himself so you can barely see it. A cd cover would have been much nicer. I honestly can't see myself ever displaying this. But I've never had any other issues before with the many Newbury signed releases I have purchased. So I'll let this one slide.

It is kind of annoying that he signed some in the black area so you can't see the autograph. Luckily I got one with the signature in the blank area but I've seen some that look better or worse in both the signature and place he signed them.

It appears I lucked out. Mine seem to have decent placement.


My order just shipped today! :-)

mine arrived today, bit crap but still decent value

Dickie, Yes, I know what you mean! The art card should have been the same size as the CD but least we have his autograph at retail cost! :-) 

My 2 copies (one is for a friend) arrived today and they are just like the Demi Lovato signed art card :-( :'( 

I contacted Newbury and they said Mayers people said they were sending CD booklets and then sent them these things. Kind of like what happened to us. Considering the cd was selling for $18 and you can buy it for under $12 on Amazon, Mayers people should have ponied up the extra quarter and printed the booklets. Anyways they sent me a label to return them free of charge and they will refund my entire purchase including the postage. Which was cool because all I had to do was ask. No angry emails needed. Lol.


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