John Paul Jones Completed My Set of Led Zeppelin Autographs Today

What a luck day today has been!

Some years ago I bought from Memorabilia UK a vintage business card signed in 1969 on the reverse by John Bonham, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant (Roger Epperson has given thumbs up for the set). Today, 48 years later here in Helsinki, the set was completed. 

Tomorrow John Paul Jones will play a concert here at The Savoy Teatteri with two Finnish classical music musicians (acoustic improvisation). Today I had a chance to interview John Paul Jones. After the interview I told him that I have been listening to his music since the 70's, when I was a kid who saw "The Song Remains the Same" at a local movie theatre.

I told him that I have a set of Zeppelin autographs minus his signature and that it would mean the world to me if he would sign it too. He was very kind and happy to complete the set.

He signed his autograph carefully (the card is small) so that it would fit the set nicely. "I have a very long name," he said. I told him that the others left space for his autograph. He replied, "That's nice...they usually didn't leave space for me."

Seeing Bonham's autograph made him sigh, "there's John Bonham." After he signed I shook his hand and thanked him from the bottom of my heart.

What a great day this has been. One of the best ever!

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Great job, thanks for sharing.

Delighted for you pal,. lovely clear signatures......well done...and respect to John...the guy is a legend

Excellent pen choice - set in, and apart, but not disruptive to the "original" set.


Many thanks!

Fantastic story and incredible piece. Congrats Juha. I've met all 3 living members, and JPJ always seemed to take more time and be more relaxed.

Many thanks!

PS. Yesterday after the concert John Paul Jones signed autographs and posed for selfies in the lobby of the venue with everyone who wanted an autograph or a photo. When I left the venue there were still about 80 people in line. Before that he had signed a lot. I didn´t ask for more autographs because I got mine on tuesday when I did the interview. My friend (Pasi Kostiainen C.) took the attached photo when we left the venue.

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