Hi folks, I am new to this forum. I actually found it while doing some research for a couple of autographed items I am considering purchasing. I would not consider myself a seasoned collector, other than knowing I should do my due diligence, investigating known authentic examples of the autographs I am considering, and some stuff about the more reputable authenticating companies out there.

What is the opinion of this John Paul Jones signature, with Beckett COA? I think it looks pretty good, but I read through the other JPJ and Led Zep threads on this site and there appears to be some folks out there that may also own various LZ sigs and seem to known a lot about them, so I'd like to get any thoughts.

Thanks in advance!

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This is absolutely authentic. Very nice example. Identical to ones I’ve received in person. 

Thanks, Devon. I decided to purchase it. When and how did you meet him? Also, would you know a good place, other than eBay, that might have a decent vinyl or even CD cover autographed by Robert Plant? Or even Jimmy Page, though I think he might be out of my price range. 

Thanks again!

Nice and genuine 

Thanks for the reply, Greig. Please see my above reply to Devon. I may be interested in a Plant or Page signed album as well, if you know anywhere I might look at?

Very nice. 

Thanks, I decided to buy it. Would you know anywhere other than eBay I might shop for a Plant or Page signed album? Thanks again!

andy i have a plant/page signed inner sleeve of led zeppelin iv i would let go affordably. it was discussed on this board.


im leaving the hobby, would love to find this a good home.

Thanks! I sent you a PM and friend request to discuss. 


Andy, the piece Xwiesy is referring to was originally mine before I sold it to him. It’s a fantastic, unique piece and would go well with your JPJ. It’s also unquestionably authentic, so you can have confidence in the purchase. 

My my wife and I met JPJ about 4 or 5 years ago. He was playing a handful of small shows with a bluegrass band throughout the southeast US. He was very nice and signed several items for us - including a fender bass guitar and a vinyl copy of Zeppelin 1 already signed by Page and Plant. It was as good an experience as one could want. 

Thanks, Devon. I’ve sent Xwiesy a PM to discuss, but haven’t heard back. I’ve noticed you made some comments in the other thread that you’ve also met Robert and Jimmy and have some other signed albums. Would you have any albums signed by one or both you’d consider selling? Although, I guess not...you may have already offered by now, if so. Ha!

I sent you a PM, Andy. Just got back on the site.  It is a great item, I really want to find someone who can appreciate it as Im mostly leaving the autograph hobby behind.




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