Hi, I'm trying to gauge the value of this document.  I may purchase it, but the owner and I have no knowledge of its value.

It's a document called "ship's papers".  It's dated 1826 and signed by John Quincy Adams (President at the time) and Henry Clay (his Secretary of State).

It looks pretty tattered, but the signatures are intact. I have no doubts about its authenticity.

In this market, what would be a fair offer to the owner?

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probably 21 or 25 year old Macallan. you only retire from the Navy once.

True. I was thinking of the ship theme. 

Congratulations to your father. And please give him my thanks for his service.

oh, he was on subs. I'll let him know.

It's worth about 1000 to a collector, half that much to a dealer. By the way, you can get the folds considerably flattened out by a conservator

A fair price is $900-1200.



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