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How can you Id without a photo 

UK cd? 

I'm not 100% sure but it looks like it might be Ian that's missing.

1. The colors look bad.

2. Yep, Ian is the one missing here.

Thanks yes thats what happened here too, I sent them the details of my order and they are sending replacement.

I saw the signed cards for sale on eBay, and I'm sooo glad I passed on this. The cover art is bright, and they signed with gold and silver sharpies that don't 'pop out' compared to the art work, at least that's how it looks from the photo.

Also, Some of them look pretty decent, but lots of them are disappointing. Rob halford only signing 'RH', and Glenn signing without a full signature... so I don't intend on buying these from the resellers market this time.

Let's hope that the signed prints from Talkshop live will be better.

I missed out on the signed CDs.

I bought this signed litho at the gig in Dublin Friday night.

I love it. It looks great.

That does look sharp! Nice score :)

Cheers Kai

Very cool!  Looking forward to the show in a couple of months

Wooowwww looks amazing! Can't wait to see them at Graspop this year


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