found a few months ago 6 framed pictures of horses on a dutch marketplace and i did recognize the quality of these frames and bought them. i did not have to repair them and only did some polish and cleaning and spraypaint them gold - black - and silver. today i made this robert de niro with a large engraved plaque which i did design... hope you like the photo's and i did make a photo from the frames i made lately. will post some photo's of all the walls in mine house soon.

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they look  really classy like that. I particularly like the silver and gold colour

If that is duck tape I would be wary of it out-gassing or having chemicals already in it that could damage your valuable items.

duck tape does not damage anything but the plaque will stay in place and that's what matters.

Just trying to share information and help. I used to be a framer. Sometimes things are surprising. An oak frame can be as harmful as a cheap mat due to its hygroscopic nature if assembled improperly for example. Certain finishes can affect as well certain woods. Softer woods are a nightmare. The most stable frame would be made of anodized aluminum with acid free materials.

you are right about using acid free materials and i'am aware of that but i always use extra protection on the back of ''in this case'' the photo. but what do you think about the framed items i make?... i did start this hobby 20 years ago because the framed items i saw on ebay where to expencive to ship to the netherlands and thought because of my background i can make these myself and better. for example i was interested in a framed back to the future signed photo but the global shipping programme make it impossible for me to buy it. sometimes shipping is of higher costs than the item itself?.

Great example of "upcycling" and giving these quality frames a new life.  Love the displays.  Thanks for sharing.  Out of curiousity, where the horses in the frames prints or photos of beloved "family members"?

prints of horses, but will post a real only fools and horses soon.

 yes I think its a nice story cos the frames look really classy. 



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