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What does what is going on in the world right now have to do with anything, with all due respect? We’re not talking about a Covid-delay. 

When would be the proper time to complain? Or is Newbury so totally awesome that they are immune from criticism?

Look - everybody knows Newbury is among the best. But that doesnt mean we should give them awards for doing the right thing (as in the autopen example above). Thats simply doing good business and should be expected!

But they bungled this. Somebody, somewhere blew it - and it wasnt the paying customers.

I didn't really mean covid-related delays in particular so much as the volume of pre-orders this year (i.e. everyone throwing their hats in the ring with signed pre-orders, possibly to make up for tour losses, etc). Plenty of other things have been part of the equation, including USPS issues, factory delays (that seem to have impacted merch, especially vinyl) and, of course, poor management.

You're certainly allowed to complain. I was just trying to offer some perspective. I would guess that not much (if any) of this delay was Newbury's doing. 

I was responding to the other fella, Rich. I get your take. Im not arguing with you per say. Im just saying my complaint is valid and justified.

Ah, gotcha. 

I will say one thing though - the order in which the Katy shipments went out seemed somewhat baffling. I don't think they shipped orders in the order received.

Which is not cool.

this is frustrating I would guess there are plenty of us that have pre orders that we paid for like the Justin bieber cds thats over 7 months now it seems like once we pay it;s our job to just sit and wait until there good and ready to finish there half of the purchase, I'm sti;ll waiting for lady Gaga, beiber, yummy cd, Kate perry,and I was foolish enough to pre order the beiber and ariana grande dual signed cd this won't be sen't for another year or so and they have us by the balls because if we cancel they charge us for the download so they win 

In the case of Bieber, I wouldn't be blown away if that one was largely on him. The fact that Ariana seemed to get her signing squared away some time back further suggests that he's been sitting on this for a while.

Sounds like you would complain if they were giving it to you for free. They sent out an update expalining that it was beyond their control and to be patient. If you can't live with that get your money back. If you don't like their service don't buy from them. If you can't understand the delay no one can help you. If you don't like my point of view ignore it.

It's pretty simple. Newbury puts things up that they offered. If Katys camp said they were sending 5000 then Newbury would sell 5000. If Katy then only sends them 3000 with an explanation as to the delay of the other 2000 how is that Newburys fault? This is the first time this has happened with them as far as I know. So to complain like they're Universal Music and it's a constant thing happening over and over is beyond my comprehension.

And yes I am waiting on one of these myself. And if I have to wait a week or two months the world isn't gonna stop rotating because of it.

Ok, Damage - 3 cheers for Newbury - the best in all the land! 

I officially withdraw my criticism of Newbury to align better with YOUR viewpoints. Who am I to have feelings or opinions over my orders and my money???

On a side note, giving Katie a weeks rest following childbirth (knowing that most families go home same day now)

And assuming the spouse is home too and there are 2 sets of proud grandparents to help out (not to mention who knows how many maids, personal assistants, etc.)...

If Katie signed 100 per day x 28 days - that would be 2800 signed since then. How long does it take to sign 100 - an hour or two? 


I stand corrected. Hard to argue with logic like that.

well i certainly wouldn't tell anybody not to complain with as much of it as i have on here but for me i do give newbury a break because it is so rare to ever have a problem with them, you are right that their good service should be expected but that just isn't the case with most of the companies anymore. of course i was lucky and got my Katy Perry a couple of weeks ago so that's probably the only reason i'm not just as frustrated as you but i am just getting used to the aggravation

One note about Newbury - again just an anecdote for perspective - the one other significant delay I had this year from them was the Norah Jones vinyl, and that was a product of the initial shipment of sleeves being damaged in transit to them. While I don't think it's common, with the way the Katy booklets appeared to be packed, it's possible that some inventory was delayed due to mishandling or subpar handling. Just a possibility. 



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