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Hi again! So I got a funko from the Keaton signing from celebrity Authentics. Long story short the coa is on this database but the picture is not my signature. It looks like this picture was used in the preorder or an item they have in their store. I did do a quick opinion from Swau and they said it was likely genuine. I am probably worrying to much but I am wondering if this could be a red flag? 

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I spoke with ca. they said they only use stock photos but if I’m not comfortable with them they will try to cancel my other preorders and give me refunds. What should I do? I’m on the fence about this. On one hand they don’t have a great reputation but Galaxycon l, twin cites, and cgc partner with them all the time. Swau did say from the quick opinion it looks okay. 

when you don't trust a company than what's the point buying from them? ca makes one photo of the celebrity signing a item and use these for their coa and than maybe it's better to stop doing that and use only a coa without a picture to avoid these sort of discussions. i'am 100% sure celebrity authentics is legit and like their items but they make to many mistakes with shipping costs and completing their items like missing holograms and wrong coa's so i stopped buying from them. 



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