Hi, This is a Photograph of Keith Richards which happens to be autographed too.  I just am dying to know if it looks authentic.  Could someone comment please.

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looks ok to me.

Nicky, You say there is an exact duplicate of this 11x14 on eBay as a print for $10 as an 8x10? I can't find it. Post a link? For $1200 you should have link ink! Have you been able to see the ink? I can not find the link I said I'd post that shows the various inks blazing color in the glare, but it should show easily enough. Look at your other graphs and compare what you see.  

Well, the one on eBay at 8x10 is a perfect reduction of yours at 11x14 - even sticker placement (the sicker has no number on the reprint). You got this from PressPass? Someone made a very high DPI scan somewhere long the line. Never good to see copies of your graphs. Click for full images.

That is one directly on the other accounting for the reduction in size:

Here they are again slightly askew:




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