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We should receive the insert for Def Leppard this week. We aren't shipping until later next week at earliest. Since I don't have one in hand yet and the band finished signing at their rehearsal location yesterday, I am not going to comment any more this evening. I will make best efforts to scan or shoot a couple examples and will try to share and confirm the size for all. Have a good night.

Oh awesome, I’d prefer cd sized anyways. Do we know what color ink they used?

This is great news, I would love to have a cd sized print. We were under the impression these would be LP sized as those were what was shown in the video. Would the cd size prints also be signed in gold?

I think the large prints are for the previous orders if I’m not mistaken. But honestly I’d rather have cd sized so I could slab them. 

Each to their own but if there cd sized ill be cancelling mine thats the only reason i bought one i can get a signed cd here in the UK whats the point of putting a video up of them signing large lp sized prints when thats not what your actually selling 

Hopefully we wont have to wait for them to arrive to find out 


Are you all talking about Journey?

Sorry you thought otherwise, send me your email address and we'll refund your order and cancel.

Jim H, I am talking about Def Leppard. There have been concerns with people asking what size we will receive. To me, an art card is an art card no matter what size. I would love it cd sized but the video showed it as LP sized. 

Journey is more clear, in stating 11x11 for lp not as clear for the cd. Steve, were you referring to the sizing for Journey cds or Def Leppard? 

Sorry Jason, we haven't received the signed printed but should arrive any day now. We'll ask but can't confirm every print was signed in a certain color.

Steve, Thanks for the reply. Just wondering if you knew. No worries at all, im glad with whatever I get. This is a dream come true for me. We are all just very anxious. This is an important one for many people on here. We are really hoping for perfect signatures signed with a pen that contrasts the background nicely and always hope you guys have some say for all autograph signings. Im guessing this wouldn't be one you have much control over at all and are just lucky they are even doing this.

Last few comments are about the Def Leppard release…didn’t mean to stir things up lol but thought I’d get answer while he was around. I didn’t think it had been clarified under DL thread. 

May want to start a new thread vs the Kiss thread. Thx 



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