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I would like to get your opinions about this KISS-Autographs - are they real or Fake ?
And if they are authentic, how much you have to pay for .

Thank You,


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Don't like what I see. 

Hey Patrick,

what do you mean - Not authentic .

To make it clear I have the chance to buy this 4 Albums but I am not sure at all, if this signatures are authentic - that is the reason I ask for your opinions - THX

I can give you an idea about the value of authentic KISS solo albums. The rarest one is Paul Stanley. If you ever find one, it should be around $500. The rest of them you can find for around $250 - 300, depending on the condition and whether they are original pressing or reissues.

About the authenticity of the ones you are showing, I will let others chime in.

Unfortunately, none of these signed Kiss solo albums are authentic. They are really bad, sorry.

Here are two of my in-person signed albums of Paul and Gene from the 80’s for comparison.

Thank you Richard and Tudor !


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