Interested in everyone's opinion here. THANKS IN ADVANCE

I purchased this Kobe jersey (see attached) a few days ago off eBay because it was from a reputable dealer and came with a PSA/DNA I-T-P card (see attached). Note- everything checks out of their website as well.

My main concern is the KO (i've never seen Kobe loop his K) and the signature style in general. I am not very experienced in Kobe signatures but I cant remember seeing him curl his K/O like this. The ITP is also dated 6/22/2001 and while I have seen others online at that signing, the signature style looks more later career than how he was signing in 01.

Do you feel this is just likely an example of his signature variation or something more concerning.

PS- I cant rememebr seeing an athelte who changes his signature as much as Kobe did. His signature was the Cal Ripken batting stance of autographs

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I also purchased one of the same jerseys. I’m assuming same seller. I called PSA and asked a ton of questions. I also paid the $10 to have the eBay listing looked at and it all checked out. 

What’s update? Did you know is it authentic?

It looks good to me for that time frame.  I own a similar signature around the same time as this was signed.

I'd be happy with that in my collection

I just posted a similar concern for a Kobe signed psa photo before seeing your post. My Kobe signature looks vastly different than yours but is also from 2001.  Mine looks like some of his stuff from a bit later so I’m in the same boat as you.

Here’s mine. I bought this last year. 

this is what mine looks like, on psa lookup it says it was signed in 2001 and the only other Kobe signature I’ve seen that looks like that from 2001 was a game used finals basketball on an auction website. I think it sold for over $3000 so idk no one replied to my post at all when I asked about it, so I figure no one on here really knows

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