I would greatly appreciate an opinion on the Kobe auto. Of course I am not an expert but the auto does look okay to me. I will wait for more informed analysis and opinions. Thank you for all valued opinions.

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Another angle.

Parts of it look good. However, I have concerns over the formation of the K and the 8. Any background information on when/ where it was obtained etc?

Hi Dan, unfortunately i don't have any such information. Auto is on a 1999 Topps Chrome card. I looked at the 8 as well and i have found a similar shaped 8 on a 2000 UD auto card but of course not identical. The formation of the K seems consistent with other exemplars...but again, i am not an expert. Thank you Dan for your valued input.

To be more precise 1999-2000 Topps Chrome. So auto is a period auto 1999-2000..

Thanks Dan

I'm leaning more to authentic but this one really has me torn. Are you selling it or is it for sale, if so, what else does the seller have for sale?

Hi Dan, i just purchased it...and did so hastily. I usually do a lot more research on any item that i purchase but got caught up in this time sensitive market and closed the deal. I fear that I moved too quickly as i am having some doubt, albeit slight,  as you are. The seller had other Kobe non auto cards for sale. I truly do appreciate your time and guidance Dan.

The Ovation cards have been forged a lot and Christopher Williams has done a great job exposing many sellers selling these.

The other one looks okay to me although it should have a reference if it is Upper Deck 

I wouldn't buy a Kobe that wasn't authenticated by PSA, BAS, JSA or from a recognized private signing (UD or Panini) without getting a Beckett Signature Review or PSA Quick Opinion. I'd go Beckett because the lead authenticator, Steve Grad, is the best on Kobe.

Thank you for the information on the Ovation card. I did find the thread on the Ovation cards that you mention by Christopher Williams. The second auto card has similar formations to the auto card i began the thread with. Question is, do i submit it for authentication as i dont want to submit if my auto card has known issues...Thanks again for all valued input and guidance.



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