Hey yall, came across another kobe signed floorboard that a friend of mine is actually offering to sell me. However, once again I’ve never heard of this COA company and don’t want to buy some fake trash. He also wants to know if it is authentic? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks. Merry Christmas.

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He wants to sell it while not knowing if it is truly authentic?

Well he obviously says he believes that its real… but he said he wouldnt mind getting a 2nd opinion. He’s a good friend so I told him straight up that Im not buying it until I got yalls opinions.

I wonder how much he wants fo this.

Is this your certificate?

Looks like this.

"When forensics are involved a crime is usually not far behind."

See what others say. Did you use the Search Engine here re this authenticator?

I search SouthernSportz in the searchbar and nothing. Unless I typed the dang thing wrong. 

"...Collectibles: High End ($100+ retail) - Can only be returned or exchanged within 7 days of purchase (in-store) and 7 days of receiving item (online)...."

When and how was it paid for?

Oh he said he got it many years ago, if I had to guess online. It’s a fake huh? haha

Please do wait and see what others say but it seems likely.

Their address is a PO Box and Steiner's name & website is more prominent than theirs.

If their goal was to make an LOA that looks like BS that accompanies a scam auto, they did it.

Did Steiner even "certify" dealers before they got acquired by Fanatics? Given that this company is the only one that comes up when I Google "Steiner certified dealer", I'm guessing the answer is "no". I'm also going to say that's Strikes 1-3 against them.

There appears more than one concern in Tennessee with the same name and spelling.

The signature is actually one of the better attempts I've seen; however, for me is still a forgery for 3 clear reasons; however, as I don't want to give tips to forgers I won't say here. Any red flags as Eric has outlined mean you should trust your gut and stay away



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