One of my favorite television series in my High School years was Darren McGavin in Kolchak:The Night Stalker.  The main cast of the show was simple there was the star Darren McGavin, his long suffering boss Simon Oakland, his insufferable co-worker Jack Grinnage and the sweet advice/puzzle columnist Ruth McDevitt.  There was an attempt to add another co-worker played by Carol Ann Susi for three episodes.  John Fiedler played "Gordy" the morgue worker in three episodes.  The roles of police officers were often given to solid character actors such as Keenan Wynn (2 episodes), John Dehner, William Daniels, Charles Aidman and James Gregory among others.   Richard Keil played the monster in two episodes.  Sadly there were only 20 episodes of the series and two movies.  There was an ill advised attempt to do a remake of the series that bore no resemblance to the classic original.  

Here is Darren McGavin:

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SIMON OAKLAND (1915-1983) played Kolchak's easily angered boss Tony Vincenzo in all 20 episodes of the series and both movies.  He was among the finest character actors of his generation and his performances always interesting.  He often played an angry sometimes even a bully role like in the Steve McQueen classic The Sand Pebbles in 1966.  He played the sensitive psychiatrist Dr. Fred Richman in the Alfred Hitchcock thriller Psycho in 1962.  He starred in the crime drama Toma in 1973-1974 before taking on his Tony Vincenzo role on Kolchak: The Night Stalker.  This is a yellow index card from JGAutographs Inc.

JACK GRINNAGE (1931-       ) the last of the original cast members of Kolchak:The Night Stalker with the exception of a few guest stars.  He played the finicky Ron Updyke.  He also appeared on one episode of The Munsters and The Twilight Zone.  

JACK GRINNAGE aka Ron Updyke.

RUTH MCDEVITT (1895-1976) originally was cast in a bit part in the "Ripper" episode of  Kolchak but she was later given the role of "Miss Emily" appearing in a total of 12 episodes.

CAROL ANN SUSI (1952-2014) got her start on Kolchak:The Night Stalker in 1974).  She is best known as the voice of Debbie Wolowitz in The Big Bang Theory.  She also appeared on Seinfeld, Married With Children and McMillan and Wife.  I think her part on Kolchak was meant to be a female thorn in Kolchak's side, but there was little space for her.  Supporting cast members of the show were used sparingly usually at the beginning of the show.  She played Monique Marmelstein in three episodes.  


POLICE AND AUTHORITY FIGURES ON KOLCHAK: THE NIGHT STALKLER. I am reserving this space for autographs of the various cops and other authority figures who appeared on Kolchak. There was usually some police captain or other figure that hated Karl Kolchak and tried to thwart his reporting. The figures in appearance of the TV series are:

Ramon Bieri as Captain Webster in "Legacy of Terror."
Ramon Bieri as Captain Joe Baker in "Bad Medicine."
Keenan Wynn as Capt. Joe 'Mad Dog' Siska in "The Spanish Moss Murders."
Keenan Wynn as Capt. Joe 'Mad Dog' Siska in "Demon in Lace"
Ken Lynch as Captain Warren "The Ripper"
Charles Aidman as Captain Leo Winwood in "The Zombie."
James Gregory as Capt. Quill in "They Have Been, They Are, They Will Be."
William Daniels as Lt. Jack Matteo in "The Vampire."
Henry Jones as Ship's Captain Julien Wells in "The Werewolf."
Philip Carey as Sgt. Meyer in "Firefall."
Robert Yuro as Detective Webster "The Energy Eater."
John Marley as Captain Maurice Molnar in "Primal Scream."
John Dehner as Captain Vernon Rausch in "Knightly Murders."
Dwayne Hickman as Sergeant Orkin in "Youth Killer."
Kathie Browne as Lieutenant Irene Lamont in "The Sentry."


DWAYNE HICKMAN (1934-      ) is best known for The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis before that he was a regular on The Bob Cummings Show. He started out as a child actor including a bit part in Mighty Joe Young.  He even did a couple episodes of The Lone Ranger. He appeared in the Kolchak episode "Youth Killer" playing Sgt. Orkin.  

GLENN PALMER AKA PALMER LEE (1927-2015) a giant of man he appeared in most of the later John Wayne movies often as a villain.  He appeared on a remarkable 21 episodes of Gunsmoke. He also appeared on Bonanza, The Wild, Wild West, Mission Impossible, Have Gun Will Travel, Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. and many others.  He was in the Universal horror classic The Creature Walks Among Us in 1956.  He was the radio voice in Abbot and Costello Go to Mars.  He made one episode of Kolchak in "The Knightly Murders."   This is from an autog\graped note signed as "Gregg aka Palmer Lee."

CARMEN ZAPATA (1927-2014) a very talented actress she often played characters with an Hispanic accent.  She starred in a short-lived television series Viva Valdez in 1976.  One of her funniest performances was as "Madam Olga" in The Married With Children episode "The Gypsy Cried."  She appeared in scores of television shows including Bonanza.  She appeared in the Kolchak episode entitled "Demon in Lace."  Being a character actress her autograph is somewhat uncommon.  This is an index card formerly part of the vast Peter Hanson collection:

ANDREW PRINE (1936-     ) he appeared in lots of westerns such as  John Wayne's Chisum (1970).  He was in the horror movie Grizzly in 1976. He appeared in one episode of Kolchak the Night Stalker as Professor C. Evan Spate in the episode "Demon in Lace".  He is one of those faces you recognize instantly.  While not rare his autograph is not common either.  This is from a 1960s employment record:

ANDREW PRINE on Kolchak:  The Night Stalker

PAUL BAXLEY (1923-2011) was a stuntman who appeared in scores of television shows and movies.  He was the stunt coordinator in 19 episodes of Kolchak.  He is seen in six epsiodes although uncredited.  His son also appeared in Kolchak episodes.   This is him in the Star Trek episode The Trouble with Tribbles



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