Lana Del Rey SIGNED cards bundles restocked on the UK store

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If any of them has chances of being real I'd say the top one. I think I've seen in-person autographs of her in the past where she connects the D with the e like that. But she sold so many fakes this time I can't be sure what's real anymore. (I am inclined to believe that this is fake as well because of the 'l' in Del but it could be that it's super rushed).

The more I look, the more confused I get. Of all the PSA examples and whatever in person examples I can find, The "n" in Lana is always rounded on top. The top one of eds item, the N isnt rounded

I wouldn't necessarily stick with PSA as a compass for authentic examples. I'm sure they've crapped their pants more than their share of times with Lana. 

You are right, that is true.. the last one supposedly is real and someone on Twitter had a tattoo made of that autograph after they got it in person.. so I do trust that one

Heres another in person example 


Signed slick from the French store

My from French store came signed in black, that’s curious cause most of the ones I see are signed in blue 

I got mine from the French store and it’s another fake. To say I’m disappointed would be an understatement...

Lana Del Rey and her Management team should be ashamed and Prosecuted for selling fake items! Along with all the other Fraudster so called stars that are doing this - they have got to be stopped! 

Another fraudster to add to my ever growing - Never buy from again Fraudster List!!!!

Or we could just avoid purchasing from people who've repeatedly done this in the past. Lesson learned, I guess.

here are the signatures I got in person minutes apart from each other and there’s so many differences in each along with the signed violet book from Barnes and nobles signing 

I think they could all be real/genuine - she just has horribly inconsistent handwriting. The angle of the letters is inconsistent, the individual letters themselves change even within the same dedication - I'm on the fence with this one.


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