Does this album page with a fast in-person signature help to authenticate this signature on a photo of the same mid. 1940's period?  Thanks!

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Not for me. You need many more exemplars in pencil (and fountain) from the period IMO. One is not enough to be sure.

Perhaps the Kuflik website if it still is up might furnish a few.

Thanks, Eric.  Lana is tough to find in authentic signed photos from the earl-mid. 40's.  Lots of later felt tip (when she wanted to be remembered and signed prolifically) but just not that much in fountain pen from her career heyday.  

Then what we TheCEAD!!! I really miss that place.

I'm sure you've seen this. I enhanced it a bit to show more.

Thanks...I see some similarities.   One thing I remember about her salutation is that she split the word "wishes", often writing it as "wis hes".



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