I'm new to this forum, but have silently been a reader for a while. Great resource this place is!


Recently, I made a very large purchase on a very rare sports autograph. It was a five figure purchase. It does contain a letter of authenticity, but I have a few concerns. If anyone, who is well versed in sports autographs, would like to view a scan privately, to give me their feedback on the authenticity of this purchase, please pm me, and I'll send you the scan. I would rather not get too detailed on the public forum, as stuff tends to index on the internet forever, and I wouldn't want the party I bought it from to stumble upon this.



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Hi. What sport and time period is it from? That will help identify the right party.
Hi Steve, it's baseball, and pre-1930's. Thanks.
IF you'd like, email me an image of the ball but don't tell me where you got it and don't include the COA or tell me who authenticated it. I'll show it to a couple of sharp baseball people. Editor@autographmagazine.com.
Thanks Steve! Email sent.


I never got your email. You did send it to Editor@autographmagazine.com?

Hi Steve, sorry about that! After looking at my emails sent, I left the "e" off "editor". I just resent. Thanks!


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