Greetings, this is my 1st post hopefully it works, thanks to anyone who helps in advance!

This Lebron beautifully done framed Jersey and photo collage authenticated by GAA turned up at a NE Ohio Charitable auction a few weeks ago and went for big bucks. Not ever hearing of GAA gave me a red flag, and from what I’ve found on this blog the authenticator/Larry Duwayne is not legit, but thought I’d join the community and ask for your help and opinions out there on the signature. The hologram number oddly doesn’t even register on their website but the prior two numbers do show up. GAA/Larry has not replied to email and I can’t find any info online about who Larry Duwayne is. Did the buyer get a raw deal in your opinion? 

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They are just as bad as "AAA (Autograph Authentication Authority)."

I have no sympathy for the person that bought that garbage.

Ok, guess your opinion is the signature is fake....

You should have a little sympathy Chris, the buyer is a gentleman in his 70s who wanted to help a charity and give this to his grandson who trusted that the charitable organization did it's homework...he did not know any better, which I'm sure happens all the time at events like these. It's very sad.

I learned about his acquisition a few days later being an acquaintance of his...he knew I was in the cards/collectibles industry and shared it with me...immediately gave me pause since I had never heard of GAA.  We're looking to help the people who supplied this item understand they were swindled, and in turn swindled the end winner at the auction, thus the reason for this post. Apologies for not making that more clear.

Opinions from anyone here who has reviewed a lot of Lebron stuff would be welcome as we build a case for why this is nothing but nice frame with a worthless jersey inside.  

It is sad, but it doesn't change my opinion.

I've seen too much of this.

Charity events are huge outlets for forgeries.

I hear you Chris, appreciate the reply and couldn't agree more.

A Baker Mayfield signed jersey sold for reportedly $5K at the same event - trying to find out if it was even authenticated.

Chris, it is also very sad and disgusting that people would take advantage of generous people like the 70 year old gentleman you described.

If you can, send the charity promoters a link to this thread.

This crap from GAA is listed on Ebay right now.

Forged Derek Jeter from Ebay seller jackie1358.



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