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Led Zeppelin 02 Signed Concert Program 

Seller stated she was lucky enough to go to that Concert and claims from a source that she knew very well who worked within the venue, said she obtained this signed program back stage for her. I am not one for stories as the autographs usually tell the story.. 

What are people’s thoughts on this, authentic or not? 

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I don't like it, and it looks like the same hand.

Thanks for your input Josh. 
It is because it’s been signed in the same silver ink this is the reason you are saying this? 
I think the signatures look individually different when you look at each one closely…

Hopefully some more chime in with there thoughts here too. 

Also the fact that Page and Plant aren't big on signing in person.

Anybody else can help or have an input? 

I agree with Josh Board that it is signed by the same hand. The pen pressure and the strokes looks similar.

Same hand, not authentic IMO

The Plant, while not awful, has the wrong slant for a marker moving at autograph speed and the Page looks like the marker was lifted and set down several times.  That is my 2 cents worth.   Couldn't comment on Jones/Bonham.

Agreed, all look to be signed in same hand.

Thanks for your opinions and help with this guys :) 



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