I'm a member of a Jimmy Page fan page and someone posted a picture of this "signed" guitar by the almighty Led Zeppelin. When I saw it I knew something was wrong. I think this is a bad fake. I really want to hear your opinions.

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Yes, This is a very very bad fake.


Wow, this rivals the garbage that used to be posted almost daily.


I thought it was bad. It was posted on a Jimmy Page group on facebook. I warned the guy about this and suddenly I became "the @$$hole." Told me he had 2 forms of authenticity and he got it from someone who is "friends" with Robert and Jimmy. I guess someone "witnessed" them signing it too. Everybody else thought it was real on this group. What joke these people are.

I dont see anything that even remotely resembles a Page signature. That Jimmy Page group really should refrain from giving autograph opinions.



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