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On August 3,1980 I attended a wedding in NY and was told by someone I met that John Lennon walks by the corner of 72nd and Central Park West every Monday at noon when he's in NY. The next morning, a Monday, I bought the Imagine album and stood on the corner with a friend at 11:45. No John. At 1:45, the friend left. Finally, at 3:45 I saw John approaching with an elderly man. My hands began to shake, and when I asked John to sign the album, he asked me how long I'd been waiting. I said four hours and he replied, "Then I'll have to sign, won't I?". He had the beginnings of a new beard and signed his name as a mustache, then scribbled in a beard and said, "That's more like it now, wouldn't you say?". I thought I would pass out from the heat and from being in the presence of half of the greatest song writing team that ever lived.

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Excellent story...I kick myself that I never went up and hung out at the Dakota..I'm 50...if I was only 15 or 16 again!

At the time I didn't even know he lived there, I was just following instructions.

Great story. Your perseverance paid off. Great story! It's a great piece and worth many grand. 

Thanks, Dave

Awesome! I wish I could be you at this time. Unbelievable!

Keep this treasure  well and safe.

Regards from Germany from Uwe

Thanks, Uwe!

An amazing and beautiful story. As a lifetime Beatles fan it would be a dream to meet any of the Beatles and in particular my hero John Lennon. It always saddens me that I will never get to meet him but it was lovely to read how you met him and it really makes me think how I would have been, exactly like you 'shaken with fear'. It so cool that he was very friendly to you, what a great memory. Thanks indeed for sharing, enjoy the autograph, it really is the best you can own, a personal signed for autograph, nothing beats that in my opinion. Peace and Love to you and yours.

Thank you, Beatlebum. I, too, am a lifetime Beatles fan. I clearly remember watching them on Ed Sullivan in 1964 at the age of nine with my older sister screaming at the tv, and my father thinking she was crazy. Today, I appreciate the beauty of their music more than ever.

Great story!

Thanks, Wilson!



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