Preorder Liam Gallagher's new album and get an autographed postcard through JB Hi-Fi.

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went to the link right away and sold out..such bs.

It was running pretty low when I found it - and that was just a few minutes ago.

It looks like you can still get the signed postcard by pre-ordering the vinyl? Obviously much more expensive (with, presumably, more expensive overseas shipping as well.

no thx...most companies are too stupid to ship vinyl properly let alone that far away from the would be delivered damaged 100%

I already had dozens of vinyl shipped to Belgium from all over the world and from lots of companies, I never received a damaged one. I assume they all know how to pack their goods properly. Or maybe you just have a bad mailman :-).

FEDEX,USPS and UPS are horrible.they throw packages and or play basketball with them all...i have ordered hundreds if not thousands from several companies and most don't use good vinyl mailers..whiplash, imho are the best..I wish they all would use those boxes..

besides..thats already sold out as well..

fingers crossed they offer a signed cd at newbury...

I would prefer a copy of the CD/Vinyl with the sleeve signed rather than a random image on a postcard. Not too fussed about missing this. Keeping an eye on newbury and LG webstore. Sometimes an artist will add signed items to their store a week or so before release date. Kylie did this with her Golden campaign where signed cassettes were available on the week before release for around £5. The Specials did it too... and it got them to number 1 slightly ahead of Busted.

Liam's webstore added signed options but sold out almost immediately... worth keeping an eye on ?

Well this is what I got and, honestly, I can't really tell if it's a preprint or autopen. Usually these things are a bit easier to distinguish.




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