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The video makes it interesting, otherwise I’d put these at a 1% chance of being real.


Dope ty

Got 1 thank you 

Last time Lil Wayne’s were autopenned. I think I’ll pass.

Called it.

I ordered 4, why not take the chance for basically $80 total.

Because its a waste of money and most of us do not want to go through the hassle of returning these fakes 

Fair enough but I happen to like both of them so willing to take the chance. I’ve spent $80 on far worse than that including bar tabs.

yeah, I also took a chance, I wasn't in on the Lil Wayne Autopens but I did get 2 Chainz's last release, and as far as I could tell those were legit. plus the video at least gives me hope that there is a chance they are good. I had to decide whether buying and them being fake or not buying and them being real would upset me more and decided to gamble lol  

Which ones were autopenned? Had a quick look and seems "Funeral" sold on his store 3ish years ago was hand signed. I see 2 versions of his signature. One version I see multiple certified by jsa. The other less sloppy version, people say are fake. I have never had a desire to research his signature but im assuming he signed some for show and had a ghost signer autograph the majority. Its a very good probability they both will do the same for this release. I dont see these being autopenned. It would be too easy to contest for money back. Ghostsigner is most likely.

I still bought 2 though. Its a fun gamble. You can't be a winner if you don't play the game.

not sure if they were Auto Pen, I've seen people on here and Redditt saying they were but I also seem to remember hearing people say they were ghost-signed. the video does make me feel better about my chances, but waking up and seeing they are still in stock does the opposite lol


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