im a huge fan of Katie Cassidy from arrow and the seller has pictures he has taken with her on the day but no COA just wondering if anyone can help I really want it but thought I would be cautious about it, I've looked at other pics of her autograph it looks similar but..

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I'm no expert, and while it does look like her signature that doesn't always mean much. I will caution that a few of these Black Canary pops that I have seen from sellers associated to RACC and with authentication of the signature(take that for what it's worth) all have one thing in common - Katie's autograph and "Black Canary" which she has written on it as well.

Look more at who the person is selling it. Are they a seller/dealer of autographs or just an individual who met Katie and is now selling this pop? Do they have any authentication or just their word?


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