I've seen this ip signed Michael Jackson and wondered what you guys think?


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Good pun :-) and interesting as the dealer is quite reputable..thanks Michael for your opinion 

Who is the dealer?  I can't imagine anyone saying this one is authentic.

The J looks particularly strange. 

Markus Brandes is the person selling it...I thought he had a pretty solid IP collector rep?

I don't know much about him to be honest but for me personally I thought it looked authentic

Be interesting like I say to have more unbiased opinions on it 

Markus is top-notch and has a no-BS lifetime authenticity guarantee. 

Not my strong suit but presents very odd and atypical IMHO.

Thanks for your opinion Eric

Here's another Markus is selling. A massive leap of faith

I know.. I'm confused now as this guy has a huge reputation as one of the best IP collectors...maybe Steve or wascher can throw some light on this

The scribble in the photo with MJ in the blue suit is absolutely real IMO.

How can you tell? More importantly, how sure?

Try selling that one. How do you authenticate that one. Impossible! I'm very surprised you said that was authentic. 



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