Luke Combs - Growin’ Up CD signed is up on his website now BUT you must be a member of his Bootleggers fan club to get one

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Are you referencing people that purchased multiple?

Yes he was referring to me I did comment back but deleted it I don’t have to explain myself to anyone 

I'm glad we got some responses back from his manager.  More than I expected.  

Lol! But I thought I was the biggest Luke fan in the group!?? Hahahahaha this thread is getting more entertaining every day. 

Sorry didn’t mean to steal your thunder 

you are obviously more of a fan than me I’ll stand down ;) 

I was just saying it for an example of why I had a few copies didn’t mean to offend his biggest fan 

it’s like a play ground in the forum sometimes 

carry on as you were 

Lol. You know I was just messing with you and was joking.

You can have the crown.

Any other new county pre orders coming soon that I can keep an eye out for?

Some people buy multiple copies in here and resell them which is what it is and congratulations. I learned it's sure luck sometimes to get a copy. I do appreciate that people post here and I would never know about any of the releases without that. Thank you all for creating this forum! It really is awesome 

I agree  reselling I guess it what is  I do think it would be cool since they get information here about signed stuff to also contribute information also about releases they might find out about before the rest of us kinda like a fair exchange would be nice

No not really but I think Kane Brown is due an album been ages since KB2 so might be worth keeping eye on his store 

What’s our final say on these? Autopen or legit?


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