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The only vinyl I've seen opened so far was on ebay. Signed in blue, kind of sloppy.. I opened both of mine up and both are signed in silver. Just some info if you are planning to keep these sealed, or missed out and planning to buy from a reseller.. There seems to be different versions. I wont post mine yet because I know someone will take the picture to use on ebay as an example.

This is a screenshot of the one in blue

She recently had an in-store signing session, so the opened and signed vinyl could have come from there.

True, this could have been signed there but the ebay listing does say this is a signed print. I have no idea how the signing went but if I was there, i would get the vinyl cover signed, not a print, unless for whatever reason it was all she was signing.. you do make a good point. Did anyone on here attend the signing?

Mine arrived yesterday. She signed mine in silver to the left of her hand on her forehead…


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