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This has zero chance of being authentic. 

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It's being sold on eBay for £600. The certificate is legit, but the signature is a bad fake. 

Never, ever trust a COA, especially when a company will attempt to authenticate anything and everything. 

Before purchasing an autograph ask yourself:

Does it look authentic (always research your subject before making any purchase)

Is the person selling it a trusted seller

Double check on a site like this (not Facebook)

If you are satisfied with the above a reputable coa will be confirmation of your due diligence 

Out of extreme curiosity, before making this posting. Did you contact the seller? Did you contact ACOA? Did you contact the lead authenticator Justin Steffman? Do you feel posting in an open forum is more beneficial than doing the above? 

I thought the same.

Apparently so many people apply the scorch earth theory. Set fire to all companies who (may or may not) make a mistake and publicly lash them, instead of contacting them with their concerns. Let us pretend ACOA hasn't done more good to this hobby, case in point we could just all keep holding Andy Peters at high esteem, but they were the ones who figured that out correct? 

ACOA is a very good TPA. They're super careful about authenticity and have several people who know an autograph look at it before they decide authenticity. 

They also will cancel COAs if they find they made a mistake. That's very rarely done.


I don't know Bolan's autograph so I won't give an opinion. ACOA's online image is low-contrast so I enhanced and straightened it so it can be compared and discussed more easily.

Here is one from RecordMecca:

  • I consider myself an expert on Marc Bolan's autograph. I own many of his autographs and I've sold a dozen or more. I've studied his autograph for about twenty years. The acoa one is a bad fake. I would bet my house on it being fake.

Could you post some of yours so we can learn?

Here are some authentic examples

I wonder if your expert knowledge would have been beneficial contacting them directly? 



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