Any opinions on this one, sold by Sue and Mark Autographs? I know they're UACC, just wondering.

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i understand you and it would be perfect when each signing have that one and only photoproof picture on that coa. but it's just a small coa where you can see the signing is from that actual item you bought and the coa numbered hologram on the item is in their database. i know what happened a long time ago and did ask celebrity authentics about that and they answered me in a good way. every company does have their history and the best way to collect autographs is to collect them in person. i live in the netherlands and collect now for almost 30 years and learned the hard way in the beginning but at the end a few companys are left that i trust for a 100% and celebrity authentics is one of them. never ever have a problem with them and packaging is from a high level and questions will be answered in a very nice way. i also love racc and buy from a dealer from paris and very happy with what i bought from him. good luck and best wishes ...

I'm with you. Gridiron Authentics was the sports side of things but was otherwise the same company at the exact same address. And they were decidedly outed for being dirty. If you want to say past is past, okay. But without specific insight on what the deal was there and how it's been eliminated, that's still a glaring black mark that will continue to tag them as questionable at best. That aside, as I've said before, they've played this game where they've taken customer preorder money for signings that sometimes don't happen for YEARS. That's obscene.



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