I have a typewriter letter by "euronymous" Øystein Aarseth,and handsigned.He was murder by fellow musician Varg Vikernes in August 1993 here in norway..The letter was displayed in the russian magazine DeathRider in -95.

So does this have any value outside Norway? I have heard that norwegian BlackMetal is big in other countries..

Anyone here on this forum that is intrested in this sort of things

See attached pictures

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There' a following over here for Scandinavian bands , but I doubt if the following is large enough to know who these guys are.

I am interested in this, is it still for sale? What are you asking for it?
Do you still have this??


 I have a Euronymous Typed, signed letter to a fan in Italy for sale. I comes with a couple of hand typed Mayhem flyers as well as the mailing envelope if youre interested.

 I dont have pics but if you are interested, Ill take pics & get them to you tomorrow.

Yes please. I'd like to see this. And what price are you asking for it???

 Hi Elizabeth.

 I will get pics of the letter & flyers later today. its been a busy week. I paid $1005 for the letter /flyers at an auction, but will try to get a current price range, as I bought it about 6 years ago & prices have generally gone down on this type of collectible pieces.

 I have numerous limited, numbered albums, boxed sets & autographs from the different incarnations of Mayhem & am trying to decide if I want to sell as a package or as separate pieces. 

 So, please be a little patient with me & I will get the pics of the signed letter  & flyers to you ASAP.


Richard Carsten

Ok! Thanks. I can't afford that price right now. But maybe the signed album. When you figure it out let me know.

 Hi Elizabeth.

 After meeting with one of my collector friends, I have decided not to sell at all right now. It turns out that the Deathcrush album I have actually goes with the flyers & letter & that Euronymous had actually hand written his name under his picture, as the original first release, they had forgotten to print Euronymous' name under his pic, so he hand wrote "Death Saw" as his name under the pic, as well as hand numbering the album.

 Im really sorry. i didnt mean to lead you on. I will probably be putting some of my other Mayhem autographs for sale in the near future at much less cost, so keep your eyes opened if interested.

 Take care,

Richard Carsten



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