Being a MASSIVE Paul Rodgers fan I decided to bite the bullet and spring for the meet and greet package for this Friday’s Paul Rodgers/Jeff Beck show in Boston. $225 later (NOT including the price of my concert ticket) and I am starting to get a bad feeling about what the “experience” will be like.

Initially I was very excited at the idea of getting a Free album or two signed but this morning I got an email from the company that is handling it telling me that I would NOT be allowed to use my camera or cell phone for photos and that they would take the photos and I would have to wait as long as two weeks for them to appear online so I can grab them.

All I need now is an email saying “no autographs” and I will be VERY irate about all this..

Show is this Friday. Keep you all posted 

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if its anything like the black sabbath meet and greet photo package I paid for you wont get an autograph at all the band didnt even speak as the photo was being taken we were pushed through like a production line and we were shuttled round like sheep all three of them were ignorant aresholes and I wouldn't want an autograph from any one of them now , on the upside we did get an hour before the show in the free bar so I managed to drink half my bodyweight in bottled beer which was a bonus  

Sorry to hear 

Yes - please keep us posted curious to hear how it goes.  Good Luck!


I hope it goes well for you i really do . I paid for a meet and greet upgrade with billy idol and steve stevens in manchester uk  a few years ago. Got an email advising no autographs a few weeks before  the event which sucked . Great photo with them both but we were lined up and werent allowed near them only to get the photo . Steve come across nice but billy is just egotistical prick . Didnt acknowledge anyone going into the venue and was miserable. Of course he had to pleasant when faced with fans putting 160 pounds aka  200 dollars into his pocket. Always read the list before u buy the package . Generally if doesnt say autograph opportunity or doesnt specify presigned item then usually its mean no autographs . 

Indeed. I was in radio for 20 years and got spoiled on the backstage thing. Different world now. Sad

I have been to meet and greets. Worst case scenario, you could bring in something and try anyway, even if they say no. The worst he can say is no. Then again, if you are a fan, you may not wish to risk being "rejected" as that might make you not enjoy the experience or dislike the artist. I would not take it personally either way, but it would be hard not to if you were denied.

I had had one group I have met six times for meet and greets, and they spoke at great length the first time, but one time they were more abrupt and businesslike, and I felt bad and disappointed. I saw them again three times two years later, and they spoke more and were much nicer, were friendly, etc. So whatever happens, I would not take it personally, as artists can be temperamental and even if they "reject" you, they may still like you and be warm and friendly next time. And if they do reject you if you ask for an autograph, I would also understand that it is policy and they just don't feel like it.

I also met Boy George and Culture Club, and they were very nice. George even gave me a hug, and they gave me a pre-signed poster, but I would have been afraid to ask George for an autograph, as I would not know if it would set him off. (I don't know his reputation with autographs, but I know in the media he can say some very inflammatory things, hence not wanting to set him off.) They took a very nice professional photo for that that was online within a couple days.

If you are bringing in something large like an LP, I would ALSO consider bringing in a CD cover. That way if a handler tells you not to bring it in, you could always whip out a CD cover from your pocket, etc., if you felt like the artist might say yes. (You could also consider a backpack or small bag to conceal the LP in it.) If he is being a pompous d********, you might not want to chance it, but you might try your luck on one or two items.

I’d be surprised if he didn’t sign an autograph for you.

Hope ur right

He is pretty nice, bring a Bad Company lp. He also usually has stuff on his website for sale. I got two different signed mini posters. Usually benefits SPCA or something. And yes, please keep us posted on what happens! Just checked his site, has a cd signed for 50 bucks.


Taking these puppies and hoping for the best 

I've been to meet and greets as well and on some they stated no graphs but brought at least on LP anyway and worked always. Maybe if the act is bigger like Black Sabbath they may tell you no but at least you have tried. And I would fight for it anyway.

I got Paul years ago. A nice bloke. My Sharpie ran out of ink, and he ran around the club looking for someone with a pen to sign by Bad Co debut album. They don't get nicer than that. And, when I saw him a few years ago with joe walsh, they had signed guitars they sold at the merch booth for $500. A great deal. I would've jumped on it, but...I've got so many Walsh autographs already, and...with only two originals in Bad Co...I opted out of buying it.

Also, try to find my story on this site about "meet and greets" and the many disasters (although, don't let it discourage you)...Good luck!


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